We Know Sound

Here at Synema Studios we understand that it takes more than good video to make a project great, which is why we’ve gone out of our way to find talented audio engineers that will make your sounds sing. We have the experience to cater to your audio needs, whether that’s sound for a corporate reel, recording a podcast, or mastering an album. Our goal is to set your project apart from the noise.

Sound Design

“To hear a sound is to see a space.” This phrase, spoken by Louis Kahn, speaks to the magic of audio, in its ability to bring far away places to us, fill us with with emotion, and stretch the limits of our imagination.

Dialogue Editing

An exciting script on paper can sometimes be less enticing when read out loud. We’re here to make sure your script connects with your audience in the way that’s most effective, and our writers are adept at making the changes needed so that it shines on both page and screen.

Music Composition

Music is a master at influencing our emotions, and having the right music in your media can take it that extra step and make it unforgettable. We’ve had experience working with top online brands to create theme songs and produce chart-topping music. Our custom compositions are the finishing touch to any project, no matter how big or small.

Mixing & Mastering

Mixing audio is the art of sculpting a space out of sound waves. Shaping frequency and amplitude creates a soundscape that delivers an audio experience with clarity and purpose.