We’re proud of what we do, and we’re grateful that the following brands have partnered with us to create their experience.

Crash Course logo

Sound Design
Music Composition

Working with Synema has always been rewarding. It's not just the quality of the product (which is amazing), it's the quality of the people (who are also amazing).

Nick Jenkins

Senior Producer, Crash Course

SciShow Kids logo

Sound Design

In finding a partner to design the sound for SciShow Kids, it was important to us to work with people who care about our show and education as much as we do. We found that in Synema.

Caitlin Hofmeister

Senior Producer, SciShow

Sexplanations logo

Dialogue Editing
Audio Recording
Audio Mixing

Synema took on the Sexplanations Podcast with a two-week deadline to launch and made it a show that reaches over 50 countries, with over 300,000 plays, and is called "a highlight of every week." The sound quality is wonderful, the editing is so smooth, and it's a treat to work with a team that lives up to their amazing reputation.

Lindsey Doe

Host, Sexplanations

Kate Tectonics

Original Content

Kate Tectonics explores the grandiose wonders of the natural world. Hosted by Montana-based geoscientist Katelyn Salem, this web series is as beautiful as it is informative. By navigating the lakes, rivers, and mountains of Montana’s Big Sky Country, Katelyn covers topics like geology, hydrology, and paleontology, with a depth that can only be achieved in the great outdoors.

Cut To The Tech

Original Content

Tech review videos suck. They’re long, meandering, and boring. Cut To The Tech does what it says on the tin: cuts the crap, covers what you need to know, and sends your on your way.


Original Content

WhatImDoingRightNow chronicles the life of renowned YouTuber Michael Aranda with honest, thought-provoking, and cinematic daily videos, supported by an active community of over 27,000 subscribers from all over the world. The show has pulled in over 8,000,000 views and continues to grow in popularity month after month.