Cinematographer in the snow

Why Us

Synema Studios is staffed by veterans of the online video, television, and traditional film industries, with decades of experience to stand on.

Regardless of project size, we take ideas from pre-production through post-production, keeping timelines and budgets tight, while never losing sight of the ultimate goal: creating an experience that matters.

What We Do


Moving images have the power to speak directly to the heart. Whether you’re selling cars or craft beer, video will make your message feel real in ways that nothing else can.

Video Editing

Editing can make or break a video. It's the editing that tells the viewer what is most important in a scene. Editing can be used to showcase the truth or fabricate a lie. All this is why the quality editing of a video is so important.

At Synema, our editors are skilled in the style and pacing of online video and have years of experience.

Animation & Motion Graphics

Excellent graphic design captures and holds the attention of the viewer. By mastering shape, space, color, and texture, we deliver clean, efficient designs that honor the importance of the message, while reflecting the tone of the brand.

Rather than chasing fads, we develop with an eye for timelessness. Whether you need print ads or an entire branding package, we’ll build you a product that’ll stand the test of time.

Claire Emery Original Woodblock Prints

Vim & Vigr Compression Sleeves

Unique Opportunities

Drone Services

Cinematic footage from drones are all the rage. Footage from a drone instantly adds a level of quality to a video, though not all the footage available is created equal. Our philosophy with our drones is to use them with purpose.

We are licensed with the FAA to legally fly drones and take the appropriate precautions to make all of our flights safe. We have a DJI Inspire 1 and a DJI Mavic Pro with 4k cameras, along with an experienced drone pilot to help you capture the shot you want.

Equipment Rental

We want to be able to spread creativity throughout our community and with a collection of high quality video and photo equipment, we can lend a tool to someone who may not have the means of attaining just equipment otherwise. If you are interested in leasing equipment for your own creative endeavors, we have the tools for you!

Drone Reel